Wednesday, March 05, 2014

The Mounted Riflemen

There was an article published on 10 August 1862 in The Grand Haven news titled, "The Mounted Riflemen." Benjamin was mentioned in the article as being one of 40 men to enlist in the Civil War:

"Capt. A. C. Litchfield is succeeding well in recruiting his company of mounted riflemen. In less than a week after receiving his commission he raised 40 men, and will doubtless succeed during the present week in furnishing his full quota. Offices for recruiting are open at this place, Lamont and Grand Rapids. The following persons have been recruited by Geo. Luther, Esq., at Lamont:

"John Shannan, Oren G. Maxfield, Benjamin Curtis, Warren A. Maxfield, Frederick Harris - Tallmadge." ...

Benjamin enlisted at Lamont and he was from Tallmadge.


Thursday, September 26, 2013

1800s Curtis Family Farm - Then and Now

This is where Benjamin Kingman Curtis lived with his wife Sarah Lavantia Card and their ten children during the 1870s and 1880's. They lived in Ottawa county, Michigan for 30 years before migrating to Utah, Idaho, and Montana.

I've been looking for the exact property in Michigan where this farm home was located. I was curious about the home and wondered if it was still standing today. About a month ago I was told that the farm home is still there on the old Curtis family property and that it hasn't changed much over the past 100+ years. Here's a photo of the home taken about 1990.

A personal visit to see this home as it stands today is a dream I hope will come true very soon. Just imagine what it would be like to actually walk on the property of your ancestor's old farm from the 1800s. While living in Tallmadge, the Curtis family lost a son, Johnny Curtis, to drowning. He was four years old and was buried in a little cemetery close to this home.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Notice of Benjamin's Death in the Big Timber Pioneer

Benjamin Kingman Curtis passed away on 13 December 1902 in Preston, Idaho. At the time of his passing, several of his children were living in Big Timber, Montana. Five days after his passing, the local Big Timber newspaper published a notice that the children had received word of his death. The children mentioned in this notice were:

  1. O.B. - this is Oscar Benjamin Curtis, the fourth child in the Curtis family.
  2. C. J. - this is Cyrus Jerome Curtis, the oldest child in the Curtis family.
  3. Nick - this is William Rushmer Curtis, the seventh child in the Curtis family. He went by the nickname of "Nick" for many years.
  4. Geo and Mrs. Geo. Reynolds - this is in reference to Sarah Ellenor Curtis and her husband George Robert Reynolds. Sarah was the third child in the family and the first daughter.
The article mentioned that six of the nine children in the family were living in Big Timber, but only listed the four names. The last sentence mentioned who had left Big Timber to go back to Idaho for the funeral. O. B., Chas. and Mrs. Reynolds were the three who went, and this identifies the fifth child who lived in Big Timber. Chas. is in reference to Friend Charles Curtis, the second child in the Curtis family. Friend Charles eventually died in Big Timber and and was buried in the local cemetery. 

See the original newspaper at Big Timber Pioneer, 18 December 1902, pg 5

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Delbert Canfield Curtis Passes Away

Delbert C. Curtis, 67, a heavy duty mechanic who owned and operated his own shop at Hayden Lake before retiring three years ago, died today at the hospital here. He resided at Hayden Lake. Mr. Curtis was born in Big Timber, Montana, and married the former Garnet Greenfield at Sandpoint Sept. 8, 1942, the couple moving here from Whithall, Montana, 26 years ago. He was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Survivors are his widow, at the home; a step-son, Russell Greenfield, Billings, Montana; two brothers, Reed Curtis, Brigham City, Utah, and Guy Curtis, Escondido, California; and four sisters, Mrs. Florence Brown, Monroe, Utah; Mrs. Ada Johansen, Newhall, California; Mrs. Ina Spongberg, Visalia, California; and Mrs. Lovant Sinks, Lakewood, California.

Delbert's memorial service program states that he was born 31 May 1901 at Big Timber, Montana and that he died 17 July 1968 at Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. His funeral was held on 20 July 1968 and he was buried at the Restlawn Memorial Park in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.
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