Curtis Children

Links to details about the Curtis children, their marriages, and descendants were originally included in the sidebar of the blog. I moved the information and links to this tab for easier access.

1st Child - Cyrus Jerome Curtis, 1852-1922
Cyrus married Annie Christine Johnson, and their children were:

Rene Cyrus Curtis (1890-1956)
Ruben Benjamin Curtis (1892-1955)
Mabel Claire Curtis (1898-1989)
Charlette Etna Curtis (1901-1978)

2nd Child - Friend Charles Curtis, 1853-1921
Friend married Mary Catherine Burrell, and their children were:
James Conrad Curtis (1891-1891)
Beatrice Curtis (1892-1971)
Madge Armanda Curtis (1894-1971)
Edith Mae Curtis (1896-1896)
Alta Lavantia Curtis (1901-1920)

3rd Child - Sarah Ellenor Curtis, 1856-1933
Sarah married George Robert Reynolds, and their children were:
Card Lee Reynolds (1895-1958)

4th Child - Oscar Benjamin Curtis, 1858-1921
Oscar married (1st) Julia Amelia Anderson, and their children were:
Child Curtis (1908-1908)

Oscar married (2nd), Esther Mary Thompson, and their children were:
Munson Clyde Curtis (1884-1949)
Mary L. Curtis (dates unknown)
Ruth Ester Curtis (189-1896)

5th Child - Cora Belle Curtis, 1861-1932
Cora married Herbert Jonathan Porter on 4 October 1879 in Cedar Sprints, Kent County, Michigan. They had no issue

6th Child - George Leslie Curtis, 1860-1931
I have not found a picture of George Curtis, so I'm using his headstone picture instead. George married Emily Faith Ash, and their children were:
Leslie Leo Curtis (1886-1949)
Sophia Curtis (1890-1890)
Cora Emily Curtis (1898-1901)

7th Child - William Rushmer Curtis, 1866-1938 (my great-grandfather)
William married Ella May Canfield, and they had 12 children:
Rushmer Guy Curtis (1890-1977)
Lovantia Curtis (1892-1977)
Floyd Augustus Curtis (1897-1899)
Luella Curtis (1899-1965)
Ada Curtis (1902-1993) my grandmother
Etta May Curtis (1906-1998)
Ina Curtis (1907-1999)
Orpha Curtis (1910-1965)

8th Child - John J. Curtis
John was born 22 June 1868 in Tallmadege, Ottawa, Michigan. He died 6 January 1873 in Lamont, Ottawa, Michigan. He was buried in the Maplewood Cemetery located in Lamont, Ottawa, Michigan, but a headstone does not exist. 

9th Child - Mary Lavantia Curtis, 1871-1958
Mary married James Conroy Hobbs, and their children were:
Phyllis Lovantia Hobbs (1895-1980)
Iris Ann Hobbs (1896-1952)
Ilah Rose Hobbs (1897-1959)
Horace James Hobbs (1898-1899)
Noble Curtis Hobbs (1901-1924)

10th Child - DeWilton Emory Curtis, 1873-1952
I do not have a picture of DeWilton, so I have used a headstone photo for night now. His living descendants do not have a photograph of DeWilton either. He was an accomplished musician, which gives hope to finding a photograph of him in a newspaper or some other publication. DeWilton married Audeca Etta Brower, and their children were:
Grace Curtis (1902-1960)
Loretta Curtis (dates unknown)

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