Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mortgage records in Ottawa County, Michigan

Yesterday I discovered there was an 1855-1878 index to mortgage records in Ottawa Co., Michigan. The index was found at the USGenWeb site for Ottawa County, Michigan in the Tallmadge Township section. Two entries in the index appear to be for our Curtis family:
  1. Mortgager was Sarah L. Curtis and mortgagee was Miner Hedges. The date of mortgage was 16 November 1863. The mortgaged amount was $15.00 - yes, it's fifteen dollars!!! Benjamin was serving in the Civil War at the time this mortgage was taken out.
  2. Mortgager was Benjamin Curtis and mortgagee was Charles Pitman. The date of mortgage was 23 Jun 1871. The mortgaged amount was $275.00
The Family History Library has the mortgage records on microfilm - yea! The index to the mortgages will have to be searched because the online index did not give the volume. Several volumes cover the 1863 and 1871 time periods, so without going back to the original index, there is no way to know which volume the mortgages were recorded in. Plus, by searching the original index I will be sure there are not other mortgages than the two found listed in the online index. I will update this post after I have searched the original mortgage records.

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