Monday, November 03, 2008

Louise and Leversa

Antique Photograph Album, image #7. I've already added this picture to the blog, so I won't repeat the whole story behind the picture. I sure wish we knew who these girls were. Especially because the picture was taken in Grand Rapids, Michigan - the location where the Benjamin Kingman Curtis family used to live. The photographer was W. L. Beebe and G. H. Bailey, successors to Bayne in Grand Rapids. Written on the back of the photograph was "Louise and Leversa age 11 years May 30th 1890." I have already tried to find the identity of the girls by searching through the census records. The earliest census we might be able to find them in would be the 1880 and they would be about one year old when the census was taken. Since the 1890 census was burned, the next one to use is the 1900. By then, the girls would have been 21 years old. The hope of identifying who they are through census records is dependent upon finding them both listed in the same household. At 21 years, either one or both of the girls could have been married. Finding them in the 1880 census is a long shot, but very possible if the names written on the back of the photo were the same names written on the census. I'll keep looking, but if anyone knows anything about the two girls, please leave a comment on this blog.

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