Monday, November 03, 2008

George, Leo, and Harvey Curtis

Antique Photograph Album, image #29 - No photographer's imprint. Cabinet card was dark brown/black with gold edges. The same chair and background was also found in several other pictures in this collection. Note that there appears to be the skirt of a dress behind the chair. It's likely the mother of the baby is helping the child to sit up for the photograph. The baby's name was Harvey Benjamin, and he was about 6 to 9 months old at the time this photograph was taken. This would date the photo to about 1889. Parents of the children were, George Leslie Curtis (son of Benjamin Kingman Curtis) and Emily Faith Ash. This couple had five children, the first three are pictured in this photograph:

1. George Cleveland Curtis, 1884-1955 (standing on the left)
2. Leslie Leo Curtis, 1886-1949 (standing on the right)
3. Harvey Benjamin Curtis, 1888-1956 (seated on the chair)
4. Sophia Curtis, 1890-1890
5. Cora Emily Curtis, 1898-1901

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