Monday, November 03, 2008

Willie Card

Antique Photograph Album, image #18. The child's name is Willie Card. The photographer's imprint said Morris & Co., 64 West 2nd South Street, Salt Lake City. I am not sure where this child fits into the family, but assume it's through one of the siblings of Sarah Lavantia Card, wife of Benjamin Kingman Curtis. Sarah was the youngest child in her family, with five brothers and five sisters. Her parents were William Fuller Card and Sarah Sabin. Children:
Caroline Card, 1812-abt 1846
Cyrus William Card, 1814-1900
Elizabeth Cady Card, 1816-1842
Charlotte Cellissa Card, 1818-1848
Charles Ora Card, 1820-1835
DeWilton Bradley Card, 1822-1831
David Miller Card, 1823-1843
Mary Ann Card, 1826-1850
William H. Card, 1828-abt 1847
Louisa Jane Card, 1830-abt 1850
Sarah Lavantia Card 1832-1890

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