Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Audeca Etta Brower

The third photograph in the album was that of Mary Lavantia Curtis, a friend of Mary Curtis, owner of the album. Her name was Audeca Etta Brower and she eventually became Mary's sister-in-law when she married her brother DeWilton Emory Curtis. Audeca Etta Brower was born 19 March 1880 in Lewiston, Cache Co., Utah. Audeca Etta and DeWilton were married 27 March 1901 in Preston, Franklin Co., Idaho. We assume Audeca Etta went by the name "Etta" because of the headstone at the Curtis family plot in Preston that bears the name Etta. DeWilton and Etta had two daughters, but sadly Etta passed away when she was 25, on 18 october 1905 in Preston, Idaho.  Her death occurred shortly after the birth of her second daughter. The story handed down in the family was that Etta's passing was something DeWilton was never able to deal with and he left his two daughters with other family members to be raised without him. The pain of his wife's passing was too hard to bear, so the girls were raised without knowing their father. The two daughters born to DeWilton and Etta were:

Grace Curtis - 1902-1960
Loretta Curtis - birth between 1903-1905, death date unknown

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