Monday, September 08, 2008

Sarah Lavantia Card Curtis

This is Sarah Lavantia Card Curtis, wife of Benjamin Kingman Curtis. The photo was reproduced from a charcoal drawing which was likely a reproduction of an original photograph.

Sarah was the daughter of William Fuller Card (abt 1787-1846) and Sarah Sabin (1793-1864). She was the youngest child in the family with five brothers and five sisters:
  • Caroline Card, 1812-before 1846
  • Cyrus William Card, 1814-1900
  • Elizabeth Cady Card, 1816-1842
  • Charlotte Cellissa Card, 1818-1848
  • Charles Ora Card, 1820-1835
  • DeWilton Bradley Card, 1822-1831
  • David Miller Card, 1823-1843
  • Mary Ann Card, 1826-1850
  • William H. Card, 1828-abt 1847
  • Louisa Jane Card, 1830-abt. 1850

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