Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hunters of History

The title of the scrapbook page that my grandfather created was "Hunters of History." Grandpa is not in any of the pictures, but he completely documented the hunt his wife and her brother were on for their ancestors. Four simple pictures taken about 1960, and 50 years later we can tell the story just by looking at the pictures.

Ada Curtis and Reed Josiah Curtis were brother and sister. Ada was older than Reed by almost two years. Ada was born in 1904 and Reed in 1906. They had 10 other siblings, but in this story it is Reed and Ada that spent their vacation hunting history. First, I'll share the scrapbook page in this post. The following posts will share the four photographs that were taken by my grandfather Roy Johansen.

Roy and Ada were living in California and Reed was living in Oregon. While on vacation, Roy and Ada went to visit Reed. These photos were taken in Reed's home.

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