Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hunters of History, photo 2

From Benjamin Kingman Curtis

This is my favorite photo out the four that were taken. Ada and Reed are on the floor, completely engrossed in their family history records and photographs. They are taking time to record their family history and identify people and places in their photographs. It's so much easier to share photographs today - like these that I simple took a picture of with my digital camera. I'm in the process of taking pictures of every page in the 1 scrapbooks that my grandfather Roy Johansen compiled. Today I finished another two albums and noticed a whole page of pictures of the room and the card table that Roy used to compile the scrapbooks. Some of the scrapbooks are complete and displayed nicely on the bed. It is amazing that grandpa took the time to document his actual work, his scrapbooking efforts. He was truly a man ahead of his time! What a blessing and legacy we have today because of the time, effort, and expense he sacrificed to record his history for us, his family.

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