Sunday, September 07, 2008

Curtis children

Clyde, Cora, Bell, and Bennie Curtis. This photo was originally obtained from Pearl Curtis who also noted that these children were "Fred's brothers and sisters." Fredrick Dubois Curtis was married to Leona Pearl Sherwood. So we can assume Pearl Curtis is the same person.

The four children in this photograph were the first four children born to Oscar Benjamin Curtis and Esther Mary Thompson. There was a total of nine children in the family, four girls and five boys:

1. Munson Clyde Curtis (1884-1949), standing on the right
2. Cora Lavantia Curtis (1885-1912), standing on the left
3. Minnie Belle Curtis (1887- ), seated on the right
4. Benjamin W. Curtis aka Bennie (1888- ), seated on the left
5. Mary L. Curtis (unknown dates)
6. Lyman Card Curtis (1890-1961)
7. Sherman James Curtis (1892-1970)
8. Fredrick Dubois Curtis (1894-1972)
9. Ruth Ester Curtis (1896-1896)


Anonymous said...

Now I know where my name came from for sure........ Bennie W. Curtis .... Hi Fran

Fran said...

Hello - yea it's amazing how family names are passed down from generation to generation. I have tons more pictures to add to this blog... just need more time for scanning and uploading. The photos from the Curtis family reunions held during the 1930s, 40s, and 50s are the next set I want to get online. Another descendant, Lois Scott, shared them with me several years ago before she passed away. The photos are amazing, but many people are still unidentified so I hope posting them to this blog will help.

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