Friday, September 12, 2008

Biographical sketch of William Rushmer Curtis

William's son, Reed Josiah Curtis, wrote his autobiography on 22 Nov 1977 which included a short biographical sketch of his father:

"My name is Reed Josiah Curtis. I am one of twelve children, my parents were William Rushmer Curtis and Ella May (Canfield) Curtis. I shall try to write a few things about my father. William Rushmer Curtis, born 12 Aug 1866 Talmage, Ottawa, Michigan. He emigrated to Utah at the age of fourteen with his parents. He married Ella May Canfield 23 March 1890 at Preston, Franklin, Idaho. He died 10 Dec 1938 at Long Beach California. He was always known as "Nick" Curtis.

"My father was a man of medium height 5 ft. 8 or 9 [inches]. Weight around 175 pounds . A well built man, with black hair and brown eyes, (was regarded by the ladies as a handsome man). In his younger days was quite talented as a "step dancer" as it was known those days . He was a kind man, but burdened with a large family to provide for. He became irritated at times. He loved to fish and was very proficient at it, he would fish a little most every day. One year he won first place catching the largest trout of the year a little over eight pounds, the prize was a fly rod and other gear.

"We all knew he was the head of the household. He occupied that roll in a Patriarchal manner. My memory of him shall always be of a kind loving father, he was especially good to me, and always tried to do as he told me, I perhaps had a longer association with him than some of the other children.

"When father passed away in 1938, we children were all gathered together for the first time in our lives. One sister "Etta" was in the hospital in Los Angeles with a new baby, we all gathered at the hospital and had a picture taken. The only one missing was Dad and a younger brother "Floyd" who died at age two and a half years.

"I do not remember my grandparents as they had all died before I was born. I shall tell more about them or what I know from information by word of mouth from Mother and Dad Curtis in my personal autobiography which I am in the process of writing." Signed by Reed J. Curtis.

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