Thursday, September 26, 2013

1800s Curtis Family Farm - Then and Now

This is where Benjamin Kingman Curtis lived with his wife Sarah Lavantia Card and their ten children during the 1870s and 1880's. They lived in Ottawa county, Michigan for 30 years before migrating to Utah, Idaho, and Montana.

I've been looking for the exact property in Michigan where this farm home was located. I was curious about the home and wondered if it was still standing today. About a month ago I was told that the farm home is still there on the old Curtis family property and that it hasn't changed much over the past 100+ years. Here's a photo of the home taken about 1990.

A personal visit to see this home as it stands today is a dream I hope will come true very soon. Just imagine what it would be like to actually walk on the property of your ancestor's old farm from the 1800s. While living in Tallmadge, the Curtis family lost a son, Johnny Curtis, to drowning. He was four years old and was buried in a little cemetery close to this home.

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