Monday, November 03, 2008

Clyde, Cora, Bell, and Bennie Curtis

Antique Photograph Album, image #21 - Written on the back of this Cabinet Card was, "Children of Grandma's brother Charlie (Joe)" and "For Em" and also "Uncle Joe Curtis children." The father of the children was Oscar Benjamin Curtis and the mother was Esther Mary Thompson.

I don't know where this photograph was taken because a photographer's imprint was not on the front or back. The overall style of this Cabinet Card was the same as many others in the Curtis antique family album.

Note that the baby in this picture is the same child as the one in picture #36 and written on picture #36 was the name Cora Curtis. The child was wearing the same dress and was seated in the same chair in both pictures. I believe the child was misidentified on picture 36 and should have been identified as Benjamin W. Curtis, the youngest child in the family at the time this photograph was taken:

1. Munson Clyde, 1884-1949 (far right)
2. Cora Lavantia, 1885-1912 (far left)
3. Minnie Belle, 1887-? (seated on the right)
4. Benjamin W., 1888- (seated on the left)
5. Mary L., ?-?
6. Lyman Card, 1890-1961
7. Sherman James, 1892-1970
8. Fredrick Dubois, 1894-1972
9. Ruth Ester, 1896-1896

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